How to improve a website efficiently ?

The improvement of a website is a process that consists in analysing from top to bottom all the elements that allow the site to have more visibility. To succeed in this work, here are the essential elements that must be analysed to propel the site to the first pages of the search engines in the next few lines of this article.

The quality of the website’s content

What attracts more visitors and keeps them loyal to a website is the quality of the texts that the site contains. Therefore, in order to improve a website, the first thing to do is to check the quality of the content effectively. The most recommended tools for carrying out this verification are YourText.Guru and The first tool, YourText.Guru, is a tool that is much more directed towards search engine optimisation (SEO). It is a tool that is used to search for optimal keywords in order to better structure the articles of websites.

This tool not only helps to structure articles, it also helps to find original ideas for quality content production. YourText.Guru is therefore the ideal tool for analysing the quality of website content and thus the effectiveness of SEO. The second tool for checking the quality of web content focuses its analysis on SEO semantics. It is used to find keywords related to the theme of the texts.

Website loading speed

The quality of the articles is not the only element to analyse to improve the performance of a website. The loading speed of the site should also be checked. It is the determining element of the functioning of the website. On Google, the most interesting sites for visitors are those that load quickly. A website that takes more than 60 seconds to load becomes boring. But boredom is not the problem. A long website loading time can be fatal if the visitor is in an area that does not have a good internet connection. So to improve the loading speed of a website, the most suitable tool is the GTMetrix.

Usability and UX of the website

The usability and UX of a website are also important elements that determine the quality of a website. In order for the website to work perfectly, it must have an exceptional design and be very easy to navigate. Usability and UX analysis is therefore a process in which all the analysis tools work on all the details of the site that need to be improved. The aim is to offer the visitor a better user experience. This analysis is therefore a complete audit of the website, an audit that is very useful for moving the website forward.