How to increase the user experience of your website ?

To increase visits to a website, the user experience (UX) must be flawless. This is what keeps users spending as much time as possible on a website. So how do you improve the user experience of your website? This article presents you with some essential steps to enhance your website.

Improve the design of your website

A clear and airy design allows the user to know from the very first seconds that a website will be able to offer him something. So, to increase your UX, your website must first be welcoming. That is, it must have the right graphic and textual elements to capture the user’s attention. Numerous studies have shown that unconquered users do not spend more than 5 seconds on a website even if there is good information on it. In other cases, almost half of the users do not come back to a site with any design. So take care of it.

Have quality editorial content

More than the design, the editorial content of a website is very important in the UX. Since it is what shows the quality and relevance of a website. For quality content, prefer short and concise texts with a fairly clear vocabulary. The user is in fact in a hurry and does not want to understand jargon that is too technical. They still prefer to look for information on another site to understand easily. Also, for a better user experience, it will be necessary to apply the rules of SEO.

Use calls to action

The different calls to action you make on a website let users know what they can do and how they can do it. For example, use call to action buttons in different colours. Users can then see distinctly what actions they need to take to get this or that thing on the site. But make sure your calls to action are simple but original to optimise your user experience.