The UX Rules That Every Designer Must Know


The UX is what determines the success of a website. UX design is the process of offering users the best experience and user-friendliness while browsing your website. It is vital to note that visitors are most likely to close websites with a bad UX design irrespective of the content. Consequently, this affects your sales and revenues. Below are the factors that are compulsory for every UX designer to consider.



Here Are The Rules Every UX Designer Must Know


You Are Not The Audience

The very first rule is that you must make it clear in your mind that as a designer, you are not the audience of the website. Every website has a different type of audience. For example, the audience for a corporate website is different from that of e-commerce or a portfolio. Moreover, the audience of corporate websites differs according to the nature of the business. Therefore it is highly recommendable that you determine the audience before your even start designing the website. You can get an idea of the audience from your client, or you can also conduct surveys.

Keep It Simple 

The UX design will make the website more attractive, but it is mandatory always to keep the design simple. As a designer, what you perceive to be simple, may not be necessarily simple for the website’s visitors. If a visitor finds it difficult to browse or understand the flow of the website, they will simply leave the website. After all, the content of the website is more essential than the design. 

Use Real Contents

Most UX designers, at the designing stage, make use of dummy texts and image placeholders. This is mostly because you do not have the actual content at your disposal yet. As such, you will not lose time figuring out the content. But unfortunately, it is wise to consider that when replacing the dummy texts and image placeholders with the real content, the whole look of the website can change considerably. Therefore it is better to use real text and images when designing the UX.